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Children, this Country's      



Fourteen years ago, Kyle Goodson said goodbye to Gregory for what she had no idea would be the last time. That was in 2005. Three days later she was given the news that no mother, or father wants to hear, and parents in this country pray everyday will never be theirs. Gregory was shot and killed. What a tragic, sudden, and unfortunate way to lose a child. She was convinced that she should create a legacy for him, and worked diligently to find a committee that would work together to find a solution. Not One More was born in 2017. It has a focus on youth with the mission to keep other young men/women from dying from guns.

Our mission: To do everything that we possibly can to prevent gun related deaths in Mecklenburg County and beyond by using our programs and practices to teach the signs of gun violence.


It has come upon America like a disease for which there is no cure. It will affect all of us at some point in our lifetime. Children, this countries greatest asset, are the most at risk for death by firearms. In the US, middle and high school children are more likely to die as a result of a firearm injury.

Our nation is a hostage to gun violence. It besieges our communities in every state, and we continue to struggle at both state, and federal levels to find an answer. Not One More was created to protect our youth. The seed for this non profit was envisioned by it's founder, Kyle Goodson, a mother who lost her

only child, 16 year old Gregory to gun fire.

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